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Browse for just the perfect saying or add one you'd love to share!
A Few Suggestions...
  • Please be nice!
  • Please note the author of the quote if you can.  Submissions on this site in no way implies scholarly research, so if you need the exact phrase, you may need to do more research!
  • Respect the copyright of the author!  Contact them for permission to use their quote in your artwork if you're publishing it. 

Using the Forum

This is not the usual format for a Forum as we are not using it for discussion! (Please join the byhand Artists Yahoo Group for that!)

Before you add a quotation, you will need to create an "Account" for yourself. This is just a way of sharing who you are. Add a link to your blog if you wish in your signature line and a little photo of yourself. I have to approve all new members, but hopefully there will be no delay!

  • To add a quotation: Click the Start a new discussion button
  • You will see a window that says New Discussion
  • Choose the Category appropriate for your quotation from the drop down menu
  • Enter your quotation in the Discussion name.
  • If the quotation is too long, type the start in the Discussion name then put the whole quote in the Comments. We'll go there anyway when we can't read the end of your quotation!
  • You must put something into the Comments box. You may just copy and paste your quotation a second time, or if it's too long, this is where we will find the end of it.
  • Click Save when finished

Please feel free to email me if you think we need another Category! I'm sure we will! (suzanne@quietfiredesign.com)

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